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Run Hyper-agile Data Centers

Modern infrastructures need to handle Digital Transformation, disruptive business models, and constantly changing customer requirements with the agility and skill of a trapeze artist. If managing your data center is a high wire act, you can achieve hyper-agility and control by creating a unified, business-centric 'services' center with Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX and technology partners SAP, VMware, and NUTANIX.

Speed up processes. Deploy applications. Access resources. Faster, easier, smarter.

Explore how Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX simplifies data center operations with pre-tested, pre-integrated servers, storage, network connectivity and software. Discover how PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA powers in-memory processing — and competitive advantage — for next-generation big data, AI and IoT applications. Learn how Integrated System PRIMEFLEX, SAP HANA technology and Fujitsu expertise help lay the foundation for flexible infrastructure design — and 57% ROI across all SAP landscapes.

Your Partner for a Future-ready Infrastructure

We want to help you optimize your data center for 21st century market competition. Whether you implement a hybrid IT, multi-cloud, converged or hyper-converged infrastructure, our proven solutions and expertise will help you create a software-defined data center (SDCC) that provides the simplicity, flexibility and speed your business needs to win.

Future Ready Infrastructure


Explore the materials provided by our product experts and thought leaders to learn how Fujitsu's cutting-edge enterprise solutions can improve your company's IT and business performance.

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